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''She's great, I love her!' - a very happy kids returning customer, South Essex

''I've seen such a difference in my daughter in just a few weeks, I'm definitely going to be booking more'' - Happy Parent North Essex

"My daughter has really connected with Leigh, who has a fantastic way of explaining things, is very down to earth and very easy to talk to - N Lips Essex

"My Daughter has been suffering emotionally with anxiety especially at night.  I was desperate when I found Leigh, but now after only her 5th session, I can hand on heart say that Leigh is having an amazing impact on things!! Thank you!" - I, Scombe London


Once upon a time it was thought that children were not affected by stress and anxiety, but  over the last few years research has proved that incorrect.  

At Zensational Minds we provide children (and their parents and carers) a safe environment to learn how to enjoy life without anxiety and stress holding them back.


Our mindfulness sessions are fun and interactive, focusing on how to concentrate on the now and providing alternatives for them to use instead of stressful and upsetting behaviour.  All sessions are designed and personalised for that child and include props and tasks for the children to focus on in-between sessions.


Children are now bombarded with online versions of how they are meant to be, feel, look and how popular they should be.  Understandably, this can have a huge negative impact on their feelings of self worth, leading to them feeling bad, ugly, unlikeable or stupid. A lack confidence can leave them finding it hard to make and keep friendships.  They may feel victimised by others leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Our classes are based on ego strengthening therapy, gratitude and positivity.  Talking to the child or teen about what's happening in their life, how it makes them feel and then reframing their outlook to one that's more positive with the use of tasks, affirmations and total support.


 Simple Mindfulness for Children and Young People

Research has shown that children who were given access to a course of mindfulness showed improvements in attention, calmness, social compliance and even caring towards each other.  Research also shows an increase in attention and social-emotional awareness.

Children can suffer lots of stress in their lives sometimes un-noticed by parents or carers.    Stress can come from

A disruptive home situation eg a blended family, parents working long hours from home.

Excessive exposure to technology.

Problems with their friends.

Thinking about their future.

Unrealistic demands in the classroom.

Any situation that threatens their self esteem.


As adults, it is imperative for us to understand the damaging effect of stress on children's lives, this can show its self as;

Bed wetting


Skin Allergies

By using the idea of mindfulness, we can teach our children how to value a calm and relaxed state of mind.  Research has shown that the benefits of mindfulness with children are;

Children stay more focused

Able to pay better attention (also in school)

Children have more awareness of their body, thoughts, mind and emotions

Experience less test anxiety

Executive function increases (a key predictor academic success)

Effective in treating stress, anxiety, depression and some illnesses.

If you are concerned about your child and would like to discuss any of these points and/or arrange an appointment please contact me.

Further Child Based Accreditations

 Young Carers in Schools

Anxiety Support       

Mindfulness in Children Dip 

Anxiety Based School Avoidance

Pain Management Dip 

Neuroscience of Trauma and Recovery

Accredited Self Harm Diploma