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Amazing Dynamic Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Designed With Your Goal in Mind

Our dynamic hypnotherapy sessions are paving the way to help people like you take control of your life and no longer feel restricted by irrational fears, phobias, stress and anxiety. 


People believe that change is very difficult to achieve, but change can be brought about very easily and quickly, all it takes is the desire to do it.  I am proud to offer hypnotherapy sessions like no other in the UK.  Offering total support both in session and in between.  Providing clients with tasks to complete between sessions to help cultivate the life that you are longing for.

Our Success Rate is Over 99%!!  Stop Worrying and Start Living!!

Having had fantastic results with thousands of people, let me help you change your life for the better.

At Zensational Minds our hypnotherapy is a game changer when it comes to personal reflection such as self confidence, insecurity, anxiety, low mood and self esteem.  With personalised sessions you can guarantee that your feelings will be taken seriously, addressed thoroughly with the aim to reframe your self doubt and build long lasting confidence.  


Helping people combat Anxiety and Stress Successfully

Hypnosis is a powerful technique for dealing with or relieving anxiety. That’s partly because hypnosis is entirely natural with no side-effects. You can’t get hooked on it. And unlike medication, which can simply cover up the problem, hypnosis helps you get to and resolve the root of the problem.

My sessions not only help you with your anxieties and fears but also helps you re-discover your happiness, find who you are and become safe in the knowledge that you can handle anything that comes your way.


'I would highly recommend Leigh. Leigh has a lovely demeanour and from the moment you walk through the door you feel completely at ease. She has created a lovely and relaxing environment for the sessions. It was immediately apparent that Leigh puts a lot of time into her preparation - at the first session she had reviewed my questionnaire thoroughly and followed up on any important areas where she needed more detail to enhance her understanding of my issues. Leigh was incredibly committed to ensuring a successful outcome for me, identifying when a different approach was needed and shaping the sessions accordingly. I would not hesitate to recommend Leigh.' Rhi, Essex


Helping you improve your mindset and grow your confidence

We are all products of our environment, our life and our perceptions of life, whether our thoughts have grown organically or through years of being conditioned by others, our mindset can ultimately improve or hinder our lives.

Our mindset improvement hypnotherapy programmes discover how youre feeling now, what may have led to that perception, how you want to feel and then a personalised programme to get you there.  Always with the supportive hand of someone who cares and helps you become the very best version of yourself 

On arrival I was made to feel very welcome, Leigh went into great detail and explanation of the process, making me feel at ease and comfortable. It’s a lovely environment and very relaxing. after my first session, I walked out confident that I would be able to achieve my goal. Leigh has offered constant support throughout and I would highly recommend this to anybody looking to make a lifestyle change. I have already noticed results, and looking forward to my future sessions.' MBHT, London


145 Ways Hypnotherapy can Help You!!


  1. Abandonment
  2. Addictions
  3. Age Regression
  4. Aggression
  5. Agoraphobia
  6. Anesthesia
  7. Anger
  8. Anxiety
  9. Assertiveness
  10. Assist Healing
  11. Attitude Adjustment
  12. Bed Wetting
  13. Biofeedback
  14. Breathing
  15. Career Success
  16. Change Habits
  17. Child Birth
  18. Chronic Pain
  19. Communication
  20. Concentration
  21. Controlling
  22. Cramps
  23. Cravings
  24. Creativity
  25. Death or Loss
  26. Discouraged
  27. Dreams
  28. Exam Anxiety
  29. Exercise
  30. Fear of Animals
  31. Fear of Death
  32. Fear of Dentist
  33. Fear of Doctor
  34. Fear of Failure
  35. Fear of Flying
  36. Fear of Heights
  37. Fear of Loss of Control
  38. Fear of School
  39. Fear of Success
  40. Fear of Surgery
  41. Fear of Water
  42. Fears
  43. Forgiveness
  44. Frustration
  45. Gagging
  46. Gambling
  47. Guilt
  48. Hair Twisting
  49. Headaches
  50. Helplessness
  51. Hopelessness
  52. Hypochondria
  53. Hostility
  54. Hypertension
  55. Immune System
  56. Impotency
  57. Improve Health
  58. Improve Sales
  59. Indecision
  60. Inferiority
  61. Inhibition
  62. Insecurity
  63. Insomnia
  64. Irrational
  65. Irrational thoughts
  66. Irritability
  67. Jealousy
  68. Lack of Ambition
  69. Lack of Direction
  70. Lack of Enthusiasm
  71. Lack of Initiative
  72. Lower Blood Pressure

  73. Medication Side Effects


  1. Memory
  2. Mistrust
  3. Moodiness
  4. Motivation
  5. Nail Biting
  6. Nausea
  7. Negativism
  8. Nightmares
  9. Obsessions
  10. Obsessive-Compulsive
  11. Overeating
  12. Overly Critical
  13. Pain Management
  14. Panic Attacks
  15. Passive-Aggressive
  16. Past Life Regression
  17. Perfectionism
  18. Performance Anxiety
  19. Pessimism
  20. Phobias
  21. Postsurgical
  22. Premature Ejaculation
  23. Presurgical
  24. Problem Solving
  25. Procrastination
  26. Public Speaking
  27. Reach Goals
  28. Rejection
  29. Relationship Enhancement
  30. Relaxation
  31. Resistance
  32. Resistance to Change
  33. Responsibility
  34. Restlessness
  35. Sadness
  36. Self-Awareness
  37. Self-Blame
  38. Self-Confidence
  39. Self-Control
  40. Self-Criticism
  41. Self-Defeating Behaviors
  42. Self-Esteem
  43. Self-Expression
  44. Self-Forgiveness
  45. Self-Hypnosis
  46. Self-Image
  47. Self-Mastery
  48. Sexual Problems
  49. Shame
  50. Skin Problems
  51. Sleep Disorders
  52. Smoking
  53. Social Phobia
  54. Sports
  55. Stage Fright
  56. Stress
  57. Study Habits
  58. Stuttering
  59. Stubborn
  60. Substance Abuse
  61. Superiority
  62. Surgical Recovery
  63. Tardiness
  64. Temptation
  65. Thumb Sucking
  66. Tics
  67. Trauma
  68. Ulcers
  69. Victimization
  70. Weight Loss
  71. Worry
  72. Writers Block


Hypnotherapy Myth Vs Fact


Hypnosis is a made up therapy - Myth

The hypnotherapist can control your mind - Myth

Only gullible people can be hypnotised - Myth

Will I give away my secrets?? - Myth

The hypnotherapist will use a pendulum - Myth

Hypnotherapy is like Meditation - Fact

Hypnotherapy is TOTALLY safe - Fact

A person in an hypnotic state is still aware of their surroundings - Fact

Hypnosis only brings about memory loss if that is the intended goal - Fact

Hypnosis feels different to different people - Fact

Whether it is Smoking, Weight, Anxiety, Anger, Stress, Grief, Pregnancy, Confidence, Phobias, Insomnia, Trauma, Relationship problems, Adolescent Problems, Night Terrors, Bed Wetting, Separation Anxiety and so much more we can help you!!!


Zensational Minds Hypnotherapy will help you address your problems, move through trauma and negative energy, acknowledge your positives, help you to think happier, become more motivated and help you accomplish your goals, going on to live a happier and more purposeful life!


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