9 out of 10 people lose weight with Zensational Minds 



Are you struggling to stick to healthy ways of eating?

Do you lack consistency and motivation around exercise?

Have you tried multiple ways to lose weight in the past but you are not seeing the results?

Or you just can't find a sustainable way to keep the weight off?

If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to consider that you do not have a conscious problem with food, but you have a subconscious thought pattern or belief that is sabotaging you.

Hypnotherapy can help you finally overcome your battle with weight loss and help you change the real reason you struggle with healthy eating and releasing the weight.

At Zensational Minds our weight loss sessions take the humiliation out of losing weight!  No more getting on the sad step in front of lots of people, no more crying at the biscuit tin, our weight loss sessions are relaxed and supportive, we know that you are not in this alone, we are in this together!!  So with our continued support you can begin to feel the confidence from losing the weight that's made your jeans tight for too long!!

Our Weight Loss Sessions come in blocks of 4, 6 and 8 and are spaced approx. 1 week apart



Lose Weight The Healthy Way!!

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, which is also known as Weight Loss Hypnosis, is the safest way to lose weight and to keep the weight off, giving you a healthier slimmer body.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss has become very popular with millions of people who are now using Hypnosis For Weight Loss to give themselves a healthier body. More and more celebrities are now using Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and turning their backs on diets after discovering what many health professionals already know, traditional diets do not work for the majority of people.


Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about more than dieting. For sustainable weight loss, there must be a connection and alignment between the body and mind.

Hypnotherapy is an acclaimed therapy for uncovering the hidden reasons people become overweight and helps address the mind-body connection. Many overweight people know how to eat healthily and how to exercise; however, there is often a psychological reason they continue to adopt patterns that stop them from losing weight.

Our subconscious minds are powerful, if it believes it is protecting you through comfort eating then you will remain overweight or continue to yo-yo diet. Addressing these behaviours with the subconscious mind will set you on the path to finally reaching the mind-body connection that can help you successfully lose weight and keep it off.