"This is just what every school needs, teachers are under too much pressure as it is its wonderful to have a professional come in and help the children learn about emotions and how to work with them" - PTA Member


"Anxiety or not, mindfulness will improve the behaviour and emotional well-being of all children. "


Why Use Us???

At Zensational Minds we help adults and children to overcome stress and anxiety with mindfulness, positive psychology, hypnotic relaxation, NLP, meditation and talking therapy. Sessions available -Assemblies, group, one to one. These sessions are offered for teachers and students both face to face or online.
By working with us we can teach your students mindful and confidence building techniques so that they are able to emotionally regulate them selves during times of anxiety and high stress without doubting their own ability. By learning this it enables them to gain focus on their studies, lowers anxiety, increases attendance, improves memory and cognitive skills.

We also work with teachers directly, teaching them new mindful ways of helping students who are struggling emotionally. We also help by teaching mindful meditation, providing talking therapy and coaching for staff and hypnotherapy to help with any areas in their life (professional and personal) that may need some attention.


"The results that we have experienced from working with schools has been amazing with children (5-18 years) overcoming severe anxiety which had resulted in absence and reduced studies. Help had previously been attempted by school staff inc pastoral care teams with no success. By coaching children and young people in this way we have been able to take away the stress of these children from the teachers whose work load is ever increasing therefore enabling them to concentrate on their own work and the studies of other children. This in itself is hugely beneficial to the staff and pupils alike."

Leigh Tanner Dip Acc HYP MCMA - Director


For Students

Wellbeing and Mental Health

As well as helping them to recognise worry, manage difficulties and cope with exams, developing a more mindful awareness also helps children and young people to appreciate what is going well and to flourish.

Concentration and Cognition

Mindfulness trains us to understand and direct our attention with greater awareness and skill. This may improve the capacity of children to concentrate and be less distracted, as well as their working memory and ability to plan.

Social and Emotional Learning

Mindfulness is often taught in the context of PSHE. It helps to develop a greater awareness of relationships and how to manage them (including difficult ones at home), as well as offering a richer understanding of things like self-esteem and optimism.


Mindfulness may help the young to self-regulate more effectively, manage impulsivity and reduce conflict and oppositional behaviour. It should not, however, be used as a disciplinary tool.


For Teachers

Mindfulness in schools is not just about children and young people; it is also very much about those who care for them. The benefits of mindfulness in the adult world are well-researched and the positive impact it can have on teachers, counsellors and carers. These benefits include: stress regulation and reduction, increased self compassion and increased teaching efficacy.


What are the risks?

I would never claim that mindfulness works for all children and young people, but a significant finding from even the most robust research is that there seem to be very few negative impacts.

Our Mindfulness Sessions help children to,


  • Gain more focus

  • Have better attention spans

  • More patience

  • Kindness

  • Compassion

  • Increase in executive function

  • Better impulse control

  • Less anxiety and stress related illnesses

  • Reduce absence

  • More respect for others.  


These benefits are amazing gifts for teachers everywhere but also critical for life too!


Sadly, in today’s world, rates of anxiety in children are skyrocketing. Kids are more stressed than they’ve ever been due to fast-paced schedules, academic pressures and less time spent in play and outdoors.

When a child experiences anxiety, it activates the bodies protective stress response kicking the ‘fight or flight’ response into motion.

Mindfulness exercises are an extremely effective way to stop the anxiety symptoms in children that result (stomach aches, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat etc) and re-regulate blood pressure, breathing and heart rate.

Even better, Practising mindfulness consistently is one of the best ways to lower a child’s anxiety by keeping your child’s baseline stress level down.

At Zensational Minds we're offering workshops and/or visits to schools to go through this either with the children or with the teachers, or both!  It is a brilliant and as of yet relatively un-used in our schools.  We know that it would be beneficial for not just the children but the teachers and the parents.  With the experience and qualifications to work with the children in your schools, we're definitely the right place to come to, to put their and your minds at rest.


Further Child Based Accreditations

 Young Carers in Schools

Anxiety Support       

Mindfulness in Children Dip 

Anxiety Based School Avoidance

Pain Management Dip 

     Neuroscience of Trauma and Recovery

Accredited Self Harm Diploma


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