Drinking at home has become the norm since the Covid-19 Lockdown, but now that the lockdown is well and truly over it seems our new habits have remained,  Drinking more has become an acceptable way to live, reward ourselves and relax as opposed to 'only drinking to socialise'.

Now, I am not against enjoying a glass of wine or two whilst snuggled up on the sofa, but when the embarrassment of the weekly bottle recycling looms and you dread seeing anyone you know through fear of being judged, well maybe its time to re-address your new habit!

'The Zensational Minds TM Drink Less Programme is designed to remove the unwanted habits that may have formed like drinking because 'Ive had such a tough day!' or 'I definitely deserve this' or 'I don't do anything else I'm entitled to a drink!'  among other mindsets'


Along with the many health concerns that are associated with drinking more than the recommended limit one one the most noticeable symptoms is a decrease in our mental health and an increase of anxiety.  The problem is when your feeling rubbish, you want to have a drink to relax and feel better and that's where the problem starts!!


The drink less alcohol programme is not for alcoholics. There is a big need in the market for people who recognise that their drinking sometimes interferes with their lives in negative ways such as:
procrastination, stress, anxiety, low self esteem and depression.
We are a culture of drinkers, which I kindly support, however sometimes we use alcohol as an emotional crutch that leads us down the slippery slope of another drink to forget, to forgive, etc.
I believe that alcohol is the symptom not the cause of over drinking and that the desire to drink more than we would like to is an emotional habit.

An emotional habit that can be unlearnt

Our Drink Less Programme consists of 3 sessions, support recording, support between sessions & mindful coaching

The full investment for this programme is £295 


If you would like to enquire or secure your place on this fab programme contact me by using the form below or calling 07933346813